A Guide to Joining the DX1ARM Traffic Net

Started by DU2XXR, Nov 29, 2023, 06:51 PM

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As this is a traffic net, the net controller directs stations who have
traffic/messages/announcements to transmit to the net or to another station.

  • The order of priority for the net is as follows: Emergency, priority, digital/network, portable, mobile, and fixed stations.
  • If you have traffic for the net or for a station, state your CALLSIGN "with traffic" when checking in. The Net Controller will ask you to stand by and will pull you out to deliver the traffic when it's your turn.
    • If you have traffic for the net, you may transmit/deliver it once the Net Controller instructs you to do so.
    • If you have traffic for another specific station, Net Controller will call that station so that they can receive it. If you have many items of traffic or a longer message, Net Controller may direct you to an alternative frequency or channel to make your message exchange.
    • If that station is unavaialble, Net Controller may record the traffic for later relay, or ask another station to do so.
  • If you don't have traffic for the net, simply state your CALLSIGN when checking in. The Net Controller will acknowledge and log your callsign. You will be asked to stand by for any possible traffic, announcements, or relay. You may be pulled out if the NCS needs to update the DX1ARM database with your details if we don't have it yet.
  • You may ask to be excused from the net when you are leaving by saying CALLSIGN "checkout" or CALLSIGN "checking out". Net controller will mark the time you have been excused and no longer available to receive traffic.
  • Announcements are made toward the middle of the Traffic Net, when a certain number of DX1ARM members are in attendance to ensure effective dissemination of information.
  • Priority or emergency calls and traffic are acknowledged at any time during the net. If you have priority traffic, say CALLSIGN "priority". If you have emergency traffic, say CALLSIGN "emergency". Net control will ask all stations to stand by and will immediately pull you out for your traffic.
  • Please leave a 2-second gap between transmissions to accommodate possible emergency or priority traffic or weak, distant, or network stations.
  • The net will close on time having fulfilled the purpose of traffic exchange. Only priority traffic is allowed for late check-ins.


VHF 144.880 MHz
M,W,Sat 2000H-2100H (1200Z-1300Z)

  • BM DMR TG515044
  • YSF 72170 DX1ARM-VHF-RPT
  • ASL 50763
  • HH 94119
  • Echolink DX1ARM-R

UHF 431.600 MHz C4FM
M,W,Sat 0930H-1000H (0130Z-2000Z), Sat 1930H-2000H (1130Z-1200Z)

  • BM DMR TG51518
  • YSF 78427 DX1ARM-RPT
  • ASL 50763
  • HH 94015
  • Echolink DX1ARM-L

UHF 431.600 Analog FM
(No net schedule)

  • BM DMR TG 515100
  • YSF 11096 DX1ARM-UHF
  • ASL 518254

For more information, you may also visit our website at https://dx1arm.com or email us at [email protected] .