Installing Asterisk on Ubuntu

Started by DU2XXR, Nov 12, 2023, 06:37 PM

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You should be able to install on 20.04. I assume you want DVSwitch Server and AllStar
On a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 or a upgrade from 18.04

chmod +x buster
apt install dvswitch-server
If all goes well:
apt install allstar

Install DVSwitch Repository

cd /tmp


chmod +x buster

apt-get update --allow-releaseinfo-change


apt-get update

apt-get install dvswitch-server -y

You now have the COMPLETE DVSwitch Server installed. This includes:

The Dashboard The System Monitor The configuration menu (dvs)

The dvs menu is not in the path of the Super User. It is in the path of a non-privileged user.

To run dvs as Super User:

cd /usr/local/dvs


Steve N4IRS